Monday, 11 July 2011

Midbay Café, St Brelade

I know, it really doesn't look like much from the road, does it? It looks a bit better from the beach, as you might expect, but even then the Midbay Café is just a humble caff in a line of more elaborate looking hotels, restaurants and dining opportunities. So yes, it's a bit basic... but don't let that put you off. This is a step up from your average beach caff.

This website is all about tea, so let's start there. If you just ask for a bog-standard cuppa, you get a little mug of Cooper's tea, and it is outstanding, strong and packed with well-balanced flavours. If this is the quality of the standard fare, you might reasonably expect other great choices to be on offer. And you'd be right: Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Assam, Darjeeling, Camomile, green tea and more fruit teas than you can shake a stick at. All reasonably priced too - not outright cheap, you understand, but then this is St Brelade...

Being a beach-front café (let's dispense with talk of caffs, somehow it seems inappropriate for Jersey), there are, as you would expect, a decent number of tables to sit outside and, despite the fact that Midbay is far from the largest eatery on the promenade (I'm trying to avoid saying it's relatively small), good use is made of interior space. There's plenty of seating, whilst stopping short of cramming tables in to the point of claustrophobia.

As is the case with many of the teashops here on Great Tea, there are plenty of food options too. In addition to the usual cakes and pastries, Midbay offers a decent array of fairly-priced hot meals. It's not going to be winning any Michelin stars but that's not what this website is about - what you'll get is decent portions of honest food, and you can wash it down with a cup of truly excellent Cooper's tea.

All in all then, there may be plenty of classier looking joints along the seafront at St Brelade, but if you want a decent cuppa in honest surroundings at a fair price, Midbay is the place to go.

Contact them: 01534 744714

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